Everything starts from a seed.

This idea was planted within me a few years ago..and now finally it is born.. just as a seed following its time in nature..

In the western world WE forget ,or are made to forget, The benefits of this amazing plant which has the biggest gifts in Nature…

Fiber, superfood, Medicine, Textile, bio-fuel, bio-plastic, cosmetic, building materials and so on..

The idea is..
to bring this amazing multi functional plant back to the center of our life …

to take it out of the dark place that THEY (politicians, pharmaceuticals companies, alcohol and tobacco companies with their monopoly governments,,, you understand the idea) created almost 80-90 years ago ..


How WE do it !!
WE not only me
WE as community
WE as humans
WE as people living on this little blue sphere
We need to Start doing it!!

Just Start to plant the seeds of change….


My name is Hemp.

You Probably already know me, but I am sure you don’t really know me…

I mean, do you REALLY know me?

So, let’s start.. as I said before my name is Hemp
I come from a large and old family called Cannabis Sativa

And I guess some of you know my cousin very well.. which some say is problematic cousin ..
well i think he is just a happy fellow


3-4 months is all the time I need to grow..
You don’t need to spray me with pesticides and G.M.O, oh no no no

And you guys can produce more than a thousand different products from me ,
things like: rope, clothes, textile, food, paper, bio-fuel, bio plastic and many more..

My seeds have everything that your body needs:
Made up of: 5% water, 5% carbohydrates, 49% total fat and 31% protein.
100 grams of my seeds supplies 586 calories… which is 64% of the Daily Value … continue reading


WE humans. Historical documents show us that we used to live in tribes , communities or groups ..

But one day something happened ..We started to separate ,To hate and to compete

WE became individuals concerned with I, ME.. MINE

I believe humans need to live as a big community again

I believe WE need to develop into a CULTURE of love and sharing

A CULTURE that brings us back to be united as humans ,as WE used to be

A CULTURE that is based on respect for the place we live in… this beautiful sexy blue ball floating in space,

A CULTURE that educates us to love all beings, to respect all different ways of thinking and to be free to do whatever WE want.

A culture that is based on respect to all living beings and has no intention to harm anyone in anyway!

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