Hand-made Veg Soap Hemp and Tea Tree – 100 gr

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Hand-made ,using the traditional cold process method, these soaps are 100% natural and rich in glycerin extracts. This phenomenon occurs naturally during the process of soap-making. As a result, the soaps
have a soft velvety foam and leave your skin supple.
VERDESATIVA soaps are perfumed with light essential oil fragrances and coloured with products made
from extracts of flowers, plants and spices.

All our cosmetics are certified Vegan and CoCoNat and are Cruelty Free and Nickel Tested.

10 in stock

  • They are 100% hand-made and rich in vegetable glycerin, which is produced naturally by the process of saponification of the utilized vegetable oils.
  • The used oils are of very high quality (coconut oil, sativa hemp oil)
  • They do not contain sequestering, preservatives, antioxidants or synthetic perfumes
    The scents that they release are derived from plants (essential oils)
  • The colors are obtained by mixing herbs, flowers, spices, and later joined to the dough (such as domestic
    tumeric, a spice: the indigo dye, a flower: the henna dye, a plant)
  • Are cut by hand with a simple steel wire: a process done easily, thanks to their remarkable softness, characteristic given by their high content of glycerin.
  • The hand-cut process gives them produces the typical square shape that differentiates them from the industrial soaps, usually rounded or with a specific form
  • Their composition is ideal for those who cannot tolerate normal detergents and for all those who normally have problems of irritation and reddening of the skin due to the use of traditional washing agents, usually more aggressive on the skin.
  • The Verdesativa soaps do not dry the skin and offer natural crisp and fresh fragrances
  • Made in Italy.
Weight 100 g