Hemp Protein Powder Bio Organic – 100% Organic – 250 g

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Iswari Hemp protein contains 55% highly bioavailable
protein. It is perfect for those who suffer
from allergies to whey or soya, and it is much kinder to the environment too. Its neutral flavour
and smooth texture makes it ideal to use in smoothies, soups or juices

Nutrition_Sheet High Iron
Nutrition_Sheet High Proteins
Nutrition_Sheet Source of Omega3


6 in stock


Hemp has been unfairly marginalized because of its connection with marijuana. If we were to use this plant with the utmost resources, the world would certainly be a more healthy and ecologically sustainable place! Canapa is used for paper, clothes, homes, shoes … but particular attention must be paid to its nutritional properties! Is one of the most complete foods. Its seeds contain 20 amino acids, including all nine essentials for the human body, rich in Omega 3 and includes 6 essential fatty acids, thus presenting a perfect ratio of 3: 1, a rarity between EFA resources!

Weight 250 g